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In today’s competitive market, inbound sales leads require  agent readiness. Achieving readiness during all business hours is a big challenge. As an extension of your team, AllCall provides solutions to this challenge.


Internet leads – We take a two stage approach to managing Internet leads.

Stage One – A speedy, high-quality response followed by 72 hours of aggressive connection tactics.

We will:

Day one-

  • Stop the clock

  • Make a “Quick Connection” call first

  • Send a relevant email with a personalized video and a strong call to action

  • Send an Opt-in text

  • Make a second phone attempt on morning and afternoon leads

  • Make a third phone attempt with a voicemail and email on morning leads

Day two-

  • Phone call

  • Voicemail

  • Email

Day three-

  • Team leader call

  • Voicemail

  • Email

Of course this process would stop at the point we make contact with the customer. Our agent will update your CRM with appointments and “story” work notes.

Why three days? We have found that around 80% of the customers who are contacted, connect in the first few days. The other 20% connect on average in about 20 days. However, a consistent follow up strategy that stretches out to 75 – 90 days can produce a higher connection rate. We find most dealerships do not follow up consistently after the first few days.

So we also offer Stage Two – a consistent, relevant, mid to long-term follow up strategy with strong call to action messages via voicemail and email. As in Stage One, when we make contact the process stops and our agent will update your CRM with appointments and notes.

Day 5 Call with voicemail and email
Day 10 Call with voicemail and email
Day 15 Call with voicemail and email
Day 25 Call with voicemail and email
Day 35 Call with voicemail and email
Day 50 Call with voicemail and email
Day 75 Call with voicemail and email

Phone ups

Our agents are expertly trained to gather contact info, discover customers wants and needs and set test drive appointments. We regularly see 90% of phone ups logged in the CRM and 40% show to lead.

Our agent will log the phone lead with an ADF/XML email directly in to your CRM.and log appointments and notes in your CRM.

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