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BDC services and solutions during the COVID-19 outbreak


During this crisis our dealerships are still selling cars as consumers continue to visit their websites. In order to assist your dealership, we are offering two special solutions to help sell cars as well.


Option 1


Internet Lead 5 Day Response Solution

An intense 5 Day follow up process including:

  • Phone calls, Voice Mail, Personalized Email, Personalized Agent Videos, Texting, AllCall Manager Call and AllCall’s Priority Appointment Process
  • Outcome Goals:
    • Sell a car: Phone appointment with a designated dealership employee to remotely work the deal
    • Create Pipeline for future sales: stay engaged with contacted customers up to 75 days
  • Update Dealer CRM: all contacts documented with work notes

Special offer: $8.00 per unique lead (Regular Price: $10.00)

  • 75 Day agreement
  • No set up fee
  • On boarding: 5 business days



Option 2


RELIEFIQ: a comprehensive digital retail solution

 ReliefiQ will engage with your shoppers through the powerful combination of FrikinTech’s fully interactive digital platform, IllumiQuote, along with AllCall’s experienced agents here in the USA providing the human touch.  The end result is a seamless, transparent experience for your customers creating a pipeline for sales.

IllumiQuote gives your customer what they want in a fully RESPONSIVE package that allows them to structure how they wish to buy a car in real time. Customers can change cars, down payment, add a trade and their credit rating to see real time payments. The end result is discovery of what motivates your customer to purchase a car.

We have developed a solution in conjunction with our partners at FRIKINtech to help dealerships stay engaged with online shoppers and lead them to an online purchasing process or stay engaged until they are ready to buy. ­­­­­

We will call your new Internet leads and work the unresponsive ones for 5 days.  The ones that do respond will continue to be followed-up with to achieve one of these outcomes:

  • Appointment set to buy a car
  • Appointment set to test drive a car
  • Appointment set to get more details from the dealer

We know every dollar is precious right now so we are making this service available until May 31st for $5 per lead plus $995 per month for the FrikinTech IllumiQuote tool.  Yes, we would like to offer this for free, but we couldn’t make it pencil.  This level of service would normally run over $11 per lead.

Due to the aggressive pricing, we cannot continue to offer it after May 2020.  If we are still in this predicament, 60 days from now, we will figure something else out!


Act or be acted upon – let’s get started!