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AllCall solutions give our clients flexibility and support to sustain a positive customer experience every time the phone rings. Our outbound services drive incremental sales, create more engagement with your current prospects, and offer options to accommodate your business needs.  While our inbound expert phone handling provides the support your team requires.

Why Choose AllCall?

No Training Cost

No Personnel Cost

No Turnover

No Kidding!

We Do What We Say Do

No matter what, we keep our promises. It's important that we have an open dialogue with each of our customers to ensure satisfaction, and truly allow us to be an extension of their team.


Quality Control

Along with extensive training and certification, all agents are consistently monitored and scored to ensure the highest level of customer service in each and every interaction.

We Use Your CRM

Working alongside your sales team in your CRM, our agents are able to follow your processes and policies. We are trained and experienced in DealerSocket, VinSolutions, Elead, and many more!

We Have Fun! Here’s The Proof:

Greg Wells AllCalll BDC

Greg Wells



Meet The Owner

Greg Wells spent 23 years working in the Lexington, Kentucky auto industry.  He started his first BDC in 1993 at Toyota Of Nicholasville.  In 2000 he moved to the Paul Miller Group as the Blue Oval Champion in addition to serving as corporate trainer and Business Development Manager.  As a member of the leadership team, Greg helped the dealership win its first Presidents Award since it opened in 1953.

Greg’s relaxed speaking style has made him a favored presenter at many events including Driving Sales Executive Summit, Digital Dealer, GM E-Summit 4.0, DigitalCON, Industry Summit, DealerSocket User Summit, and many 20 Groups and dealer operations.

Greg lives in Danville, Kentucky with his wife Linda. They have two sons and a granddaughter.