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In todays competitive market you need agent multi-channel readiness. Inbound Internet leads for sales and service, inbound phone calls, Live Chat and social are all preferred methods of communicating for customers. A quick, relevant and helpful response is expected by your customer.

AllCall agents are trained to deliver a concierge level service over all channels, every time!

Web leads present a unique challenge for dealership personnel. A speedy response is necessary but often unrewarding. Your web customers are on their own timetable and require consistent follow up for the short and long term.

We use multiple techniques to connect quickly. Identifying current owners and previous shoppers and customizing the message to provide more value to your customers: and they love the personal approach.

Timely, relevant and helpful interaction convert web shoppers to showroom customers.

Phone Ups are arguably the best leads you have. You rarely get a second chance with this type of opportunity. Blow the call and you’ve burned the lead. They don’t call back!

Our agents are expertly trained to gather contact info, discover customers wants and needs and set test drive appointments. We regularly see 90% of phone ups logged in the CRM and 40% show to lead.

Live Chat is another one-shot opportunity. The warm handoff from your chat operator to an experienced appointment setter converts more chat leads to showroom visits than any other process we’ve seen.

Inbound Service calls present a unique challenge.

How is an advisor supposed to “be there” for the customer in front of them and properly handle a phone call? He or she can’t.

The second challenge is the sheer volume especially in those “hot spot” times of day.

We use state of the art technology to route your service calls to an agent ready to deliver an exceptional experience every time.

Let AllCall handle your inbound phone opportunities and see immediate improvement in your business.

Receptionist or in-house BDC roll-over. 

Need a back-up for those busy times of day?

We can provide a live person to answer those calls and professionally assist your customer.