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Smile and Dial

Showroom follow up is a fundamental BDC process.

AllCall agents follow through with showroom visitors in a couple of ways. Sold customers get a multipurpose call: CSI check, service adoption and setting the stage for a wonderful ownership experience.

Unsold customers are followed up for CSI and to determine why you missed the deal. Thorough notes, database cleanup and TO back to the desk for customers that express buying intentions and inhibitors.

Service follow up has many purposes. CSI check, declined service and next service touch are all part of our service follow up call guide.

Agents update your CRM or DMS depending on your process. No service, missed service and service marketing are all part of our outbound service campaigns.

AllCall’s service campaigns are retention oriented to ensure service loyalty and future sales opportunities.

Database Mining is undeniably your honey hole! It represents the lowest cost per sale, the highest gross and the highest CSI of any other source of business.

We are experienced with all the major equity tools and our agents are well trained in making equity calls and other retention campaigns.

We support the phone campaign with effective emails and make several attempts to reach your customer. The connection rate is better than conquest leads and the conversion rate is in the 10-15% range.

What if you knew you would not get a fresh up, phone up or internet lead next month. What would you do?

That is the philosophy behind our database campaigns. We believe your best prospects are in your database.

Effective marketing campaigns utilizing the phone, email and direct mail have a low cost per sale, high gross profit and high CSI and truly move the needle with incremental business for sales and service.

Conquests campaigns are run from your CRM. No more handing out a list of manufacturers leads to your reps with the instructions “see if you can set some appointments”.

AllCall has a very effective approach. We take manifests and integrate them to your CRM giving us all the power of the CRM to run an efficient and effective campiagn.

CRM reporting and tracking give you a clear picture of exactly what we are doing and the results from the campaign.