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BDC Culture

A BDC culture isn’t about the BDC alone. What we mean is the store has a BDC culture.

All employees, all departments, understand the purpose of the BDC and know their role in the BDC’s success. By the way, it’s worth noting that the BDC is never successful financially. It’s not even on the P&L. The BDC makes other departments more successful. Period.

A dealer we know told us that “the food has to match the menu”. What he means by that is finding people who are good on the phone, and can set appointments is not that hard. Getting all your employees to deliver on the experience is the hard part.

Customers can be hyper-sensitive. When they have a great experience online, or on the phone, they are expecting the same when they visit the store.

The frontline employees and the BDC must work together to deliver an exceptional experience from beginning to end. When they do, it is a thing of beauty.

A BDC culture makes it possible; fusing the ease and efficiency of shopping online with the process in the showroom and the service lane.

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