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BDC Structures

There are 4 basic structures for modern automotive BDCs. Choosing the right structure then building your BDC to fire all on all eight cylinders is critical in building and sustaining a profitable BDC that is built to last.

Leveraging capacity and skill

A centralized BDC serves a group of dealerships, or rooftops either on one campus or separated, sometimes even in different states.

Centralized BDC’s offer the best ROI of any BDC by leveraging manpower and reducing redundant personnel and other costs across a group of dealerships, franchises or rooftops.

In this controlled environment, a consistent quality of interaction and standard message or value proposition is easier to maintain.

Skill based routing, training and even recruitment become easier and more effective.

A lean way to go for some dealers

A hybrid BDC has both appointment coordinators and dedicated salespeople.

Usually the appointment setters are backing up the sales team members either by adopting fresh leads when sales isn’t available and doing the mid term and long term follow up.

This keeps the sales team working with active leads but ensures the necessary follow up to nurture and convert aged leads.

Hybrid BDC’s make tracking inbound ROI easy.

Appointment coordinators also manage showroom and service follow up as well as service appointments and database marketing.

Brilliant at the basics

Conventional BDC’s typically support a small campus or single point store.

Usually focused on sales but capable of covering all BDC processes in sales and service.

ROI can be a challenge especially in the beginning. Outbound processes are critical for incremental sales and true profitability.

Many dealerships don’t look past phone and Internet but adding outbound sales and service campaigns contribute heavily to a profitable and worthwhile return on your investment.


No personnel costs, no training costs, no turnover.

Say goodbye to high costs and say hello to great conversion and the lowest possible costs per sale.

Since we charge on a per lead basis, you’re cost per sale is consistent, BDC expenses go up or down with the lead volume.

Extremely scalable, outsource BDC’s can do as little or as much as needed and on short notice.

Compared to building your own team, it’s easy to see the benefit of a business process outsource, as long as they are good at what they do.