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Build Your Tiger Team

To perform at a high level, BDC’s need high level performers!

This is very important. Your BDC team will talk to more customers than anyone in the organization. They are responsible for 35% – 60% of your business, both in sales and service. You must hire people who have the skills, attitude and passion the job requires.

Chemistry among the BDC team is a big deal. People with cheerful disposition, a great attitude and ability to get things done, usually get along pretty well with other people of the same make-up.

To find applicants, use some exciting ad copy and post it to your social sites. Employment agencies can be a good strategy for some BDC’s and don’t overlook your database. Offering jobs to your customers is a positive proposition and it’s free. For some great ad copy just email us at support@myallcall.com.

Once you have your applicants follow a thorough process for choosing the best possible candidates.

1. Interview by phone first. Makes sense doesn’t it? If you like what you hear, keep them in the queue.

2. Have the candidate send you a video explaining why they would be good for the job. Twenty to thirty seconds is plenty. They don’t have to be Quentin Tarantino quality! You just want to know they aren’t afraid of it. Show me a fearless BDC agent and I’ll show you an appointment machine! If you like what you see, keep them in the queue.

Now bring these applicants in for an interview. If you need three people interview at least six of the candidates in person.

3. Conduct the interview with two managers. This will save time and make choosing easier. Two heads are better than one.

You should always give them a typing test. Make sure they are comfortable with Microsoft office products or any software or application they’ll be expected to use.

4. Lastly, put all your applicants in a grid. Score them on things like attitude, communication skiills, relevant experience, the quality of their video and their professional appearance.

You should be able to hire the very best of the bunch using this process.

This is just the beginning of building your tiger team, they have to be trained. But you’ll find it’s much easier to build a profitable BDC when you have the right people.

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