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When it comes to BDC campaigns, this is where you should start with the basics and grow in phases.

We see campaigns fall in to one of two categories; conquest or retention. There are also peripheral processes that support the BDC like data collection, the reception process of BDC appointments in the showroom and service lane. and database maintenance.

Technology plays a big role in BDC campaigns. You should use your technologies to accelerate your BDC campaigns. Technology can add the “wow” factor to your customer engagement. Personal videos, live market pricing, live chat and online shopping tools can easily be integrated in to any BDC campaign.

But back to the basics. Each campaign should be built carefully with all the supporting elements.

1. Process map
2. Call guides
3. FAQ’s
4. Voicemail script
5. Video content
6. Reporting
7. Performance Standards

This is your basic campaign starter kit :)

Beyond phone and Internet. We talk to a lot of dealers who say they have a BDC because they have people working Internet leads and taking phone ups. Those campaigns do not develop anything. Simply put, phone and Internet campaigns in the BDC prevent lost sales rather than develop sales.

Incremental sales and service ONLY comes from outbound campaigns.

But inbound and outbound aren’t the primary focuses of campaigns. Identifying your customer as a conquest or retention opportunity is more important.

Recognizing a customer quickly as a current customer allows you to be more personalized. Leveraging customer history is one way, the other is to just talk to them like one of your customers and provide exceptional service.

Conquest customers require a different strategy, with more emphasis on your value proposition and probably price. Conquest opportunities are expensive too. Internet leads have the highest cost per sale of any BDC lead but seem to be the primary campaign for a lot of BDC’s.