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Do your agents have southern accents?

Although our Sales BDC is located in Kentucky, most of our agents do not have a heavy southern accent. A potential agents phone voice is the first thing we analyze when recruiting an agent. Our service BDC in Iowa uses the same guidelines but the accents in Iowa are...

How do you use video?

Our favorite way to use video is one-off personalized videos to prospects and customers. It really adds a memorable element to our relationship with the customer and has positive impact on connection rates. We also use more generic videos with some editing. We can put...

Do your agents have dealership experience?

Our entire management team has dealership experience but not all of our agents. However, we have no found this to be an inhibitor to success. Our agent selection process is extensive and we know what we’re looking for.

How long have you been in business?

We started AllCall in November 2012. Our first client was Best Rate Auto Sales and they are still with us. Our consulting business began in July 2009 and since then we have worked with over 100 dealers in their Business Development Operations.