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day one with allcall logoConnecting with Internet leads on the first day is very important. It can improve overall close rate by 300% 

In a recent review, we found customers we reached on the first day had a 30 day  close rate 15% or higher compared to leads we connected with day two or later which had an average close rate of 5%.

Connection Rate is the number of customers with whom you establish a back and forth dialogue. Either on the phone, in an email string or the customer comes to the showroom.

So what are the key drivers of a Day One Connection?

Many factors make up your connection rate. Of course the source of a lead, the completeness and accuracy of the customers contact information and the accuracy of your online inventory and many more.

We’ve found these 5 components- together, will drive a 70% Day One connection rate for you and your team.

Identify Your Customer: Have they bought or shopped here before? Are they local? What are they asking for? What objections can I expect? Where did the lead come from? Do they use our service department? Have they been in the showroom recently, or a phone up? Have they been given information already! How am I going to “wow” this customer?

Quick Connection Call: Call immediately for a quick connection. Be prepared to leave a voicemail describing the next steps and create a little urgency. Call them again a couple hours later and call before you go home if you don’t reach them. Calling multiple times increases Day One Connection Rates by 30%.

Use a Call Guide: Control yourself and you control the call. The Internet Connection Call Guide hits all the talking points other than price. If you let it be about price, the cheapest dealer always wins.

Video: Send a short personalized video and stand out and be memorable. Motivate your customer to respond. Video delivers emotion, excitement and showmanship. Buying a car is still an emotional act! So act with emotion you handsome devil.

The Day One Board: What you focus on gets done. Track your leads and connections for the day on a white board, flat screen or glass. This visual aid helps place focus on today’s leads and helps prevent actions falling through the cracks.

Compelling emails and texting almost made the list. We consider compelling emails a given and texting, while a very effective method of connecting,isn’t for everyone.

Give it a go and let us know how it works for you. We’d love to hear your successes and any comments, suggestions or other ideas you have.

For a quick reference guide, download the TIPSHEET below.