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Eight Cylinders of the BDC: Building Your Tiger Team

Just like an engine, any highly effective and profitable BDC is made up of eight cylinders. If one cylinder malfunctions, the rest are obsolete. These critical elements of your Business Development operation work together to deliver conciergelevel service to your customers while increasing sales, service, CSI, retention, and profit. This series of blogs will help you dive deeper into your BDC operations so you can ensure your engine is running effectively and efficiently. 

A successful and profitable BDC starts with the team. To perform at a high level, BDCs need high-level performers! Your BDC team will talk to more customers than anyone in the organization. They handle 35% – 60% of your business, both in sales and service. You must hire people who have the skills, attitude, and passion the job requires.  

To find applicants, create an interesting and exciting post and share it across all social media platforms. Encourage your current employees to refer applicants. Your BDC will have a much better culture if your employees get along! Once you have your candidates, follow a thorough process to ensure you hire the best of the best: 

  • Interview by phone first! After all, your employees will spend most of their time on the phone with your customers. It makes sense to screen prospective employee’s potential before beginning the interviewing process. 
  • Have the candidate send you a short video explaining why they would be a good fit for the position. Even if their responses are generic, shooting a video shows initiative! This will give you an idea of which candidates will be willing and able to communicate across all platforms and set more appointments.  
  • Invite applicants in for an in-person interview if possible and have two to three managers presentAllow your leadership team to hand-pick their team, as they will be the ones responsible for their success or failure. 
  • Have all candidates complete a typing test and verify their familiarity with basic programs (Microsoft Office, CRMs, etc.) 
  • After the interviews, put all your applicants in a grid. Score them based on attributes such as attitude, communication skills, relevant experience, professional appearance, and potential. 

The work doesn’t stop once you’ve built your all-star team! Now that you know how to hire the best people, stay tuned to learn the best ways to keep them