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Eight Cylinders of the BDC: Campaigns

Campaigns are essential to BDC and showroom success. Most campaigns fall in to one of two categories: conquest or retention. There are also peripheral processes that support the BDC like data collection, the reception process of BDC appointments in the showroom and service lane, and database maintenance.  

Technology plays a big role in BDC campaigns. You should use your technologies to accelerate your BDC campaigns. Technology can add the “wow” factor to your customer engagement. Personal videos, live market pricing, live chat and online shopping tools can easily be integrated in to any BDC campaign. 

Each campaign should be built carefully with all the supporting elements: 

  1. Process MapClearly define all possible outcomes and create a concrete outline for the campaign to follow. 
  2. Call Guides: Write a concise, brief script for all agents to follow. A well-trained BDC agent can adapt your script to follow the conversation and avoid sounding robotic. 
  3. FAQ’sSolve problems before they arise! Compile a list of common questions and objections to help save time. 
  4. Voicemail ScriptConsistency is key! Make sure your voicemails inform and entice your customer. 
  5. Video Content: Consumers respond to media more than text. Film a short video advertising your campaign event and send it to customers in an email. 
  6. ReportingThe best way to ensure success is to understand the impact of your campaign. Keep an eye on progress and make changes where necessary. 
  7. Performance StandardsEstablish clear expectations and guidelines for anyone participating in the campaign. Provide consistent encouragement and redirect as needed. 


Incremental sales and service ONLY come from outbound campaigns. But inbound and outbound aren’t the primary focus of campaigns. Identifying your customer as a conquest or retention opportunity is more important. 

You will always have an advantage with retention campaignsAs long as the customer had a pleasant experience with you in the past, they will have a sense of loyalty to the dealership. It’s your job to keep yourself in the customer’s mind though. Make sure you are consistently reminding past customers they will always have a place at your dealership. 

Keeping up with your database is also essential to success with returning customers. Recognizing a customer quickly as a previous customer allows you to be more personalized. Make it a common practice in your reception process to check your database for existing records on the customer. This will also help avoid duplicate records or discrepancies in your processes.  

Conquest customers require a different strategy, with more emphasis on your value proposition and price. Most customers have a sense of loyalty to a dealership, so it’s important to show prospects that you will provide them with a better experience than they’ve had elsewhere. Keep pricing competitive and offer concierge-level customer service in every interaction. Conquest opportunities are expensive too. Internet leads have the highest cost per sale of any BDC lead but seem to be the primary campaign for a lot of BDCs.  

Marketing to your database is extremely cost-effectiveInternet leads are the most expensive prospects you can buy, but when executing a campaign, your only expense should be manpower. Why waste money marketing to people who are already shopping elsewhere? Your best prospects are in your backyard, and they’re already yours!