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Eight Cylinders of the BDC: Culture

In the first blog on the Eight Cylinders of the BDC, we established that a successful and profitable BDC starts with the team. To perform at a high level, BDCs need high level performersThe BDC needs high-level performers on the frontline as well. BDC success lays outside of the BDC as much as inside. 

Since our definition of culture is “the way we do things around here,” the dealership as a whole should have a BDC culture.  

The first step is to ensure all FLE (front line employees) understand the purpose of the BDC and know their role in BDC success. BDC success is measured by how well the departments do in addition to the standard set of BDC metrics alone. The BDC does not produce revenue. The BDC helps other departments produce revenue. 

Another key driver of BDC culture is to include the BDC team in your sales meetings. Encourage a working relationship between the sales team and the BDC. Have your salespeople (especially new salespeople) spend time in the BDC working alongside agents to set appointments. This will give them a better understanding and appreciation of what the BDC does. When all departments work in tandem, the culture improves and it benefits everyone, especially your customers! 

Consistent coaching and encouragement for agents and FLE is another great way to foster a healthy BDC culture in the dealershipCoaching breeds a culture of accountability and high-level skills. 

Does the food match the menu? When a customer has an excellent experience with an agent over the phone, they are expecting the same treatment from your receptionist, showroom staff, finance department, and service advisors. The expectation is that the physical visit will pick up where the BDC left off. 

The last piece of the culture puzzle is the CRM. CRM is a cylinder on its own, but there is an overlap. You cannot have a great BDC dealership without first having a great CRM dealership. Proper CRM use contributes to the effectiveness of your BDC processes and supports the BDC culture in a dealership. 

Next, we will discuss customer experience. Your customers are demanding, and in order to stand out, your dealership must adopt practices that best serve your customer’s needs. Stay tuned for more tips to ensure your BDC is running effectively and efficiently