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Customer service is your only constant value proposition. Every customer interaction matters.

When customers engage your employees on the phone, in a web form, in a chat, by email or by coming in to the dealership’s showroom, service lane, parts counter or body shop: the quality of interaction is what they will remember. It’s not what happens, but how it makes them feel.

How do you accomplish this?

Your BDC should provide a concierge level experience to your customers across multiple channels.

Phone, text, chat,email and social are the primary channels for a BDC to communicate with your customers.

You can develop an expert team to manage those interactions and deliver a consistent message and a constant value proposition.

Guess what? Customers like great treatment! Just like you do whenever you spend money, especially on big ticket items.

Priority appointments, relevant follow up, timely and value added service in the shopping process are all ways a BDC can influence customers while providing a positive, if not “wow” experience.

But you are going to need the right people. You will need to build your tiger team!

Follow the team button to the right and we’ll show you how.