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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your phone agents in the US?

Yes! We are located in Danville, Kentucky.

Can you use our processes and scripts?

Absolutely! We can mirror your CRM processes in our software and always update your CRM when we make contact with your customers. 

Do you have bilingual agents?

Absolutely! We have multiple Spanish speaking agents who are located in the United States. 

Do you work in our CRM?

Yes. We work Stage One leads in your CRM. In the Stage 2 and outbound campaigns we update your CRM when we make contact.

Service appointments are scheduled in your CRM or online scheduling tool.

Why do you use a 10-day process for internet leads?

There are several reasons, the primary being that connection happens in the first ten days over 80% of the time. Secondly, we have found that customers who engage after 10 days do so when they are ready and spending man-hours chasing non-responsive customers is a poor use of everyones time, efforts, and money.

How long are the terms of your agreements?

Our agreements are month-to-month after a 90 day onboarding period. We ask for a 30 day notice should you decide to go in a different direction.

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