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Happy Customer 3

Identify Your Customer

If your Internet prospect has bought from your dealership before then they are not a prospect; they are your customer. Acknowledge previous transactions and thank them.

Have you bought a vehicle using the Internet before?

If yes, simply ask; how did it go? They will tell you how to sell them a car.

If no, then respond with “Great, let me tell you how we do here” then explain your Priority Appointment Process. 

If I have similar vehicles would you like to hear about them as well?

If yes, offer choices – one up/one down.

If no, congratulations, they’re on the right car!

By the way, what are you driving now?

Flush out the trade-in. Show interest in the trade.

Say “Tell me about it” and then ask why they are replacing it. This will reveal their dominant buying motive. The primary hot button.

Have you had a chance to test drive? Sell The Visit

Show them a movie they want to see. Describe your Priority Appointment Process. Be descriptive. Leverage the one thing they can’t do online – test drive the car!

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