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Reporting for the BDC needs to be simple. You can get lost in all the data that is available. The more campaigns you have running in the BDC the more data there is to analyze. This can be a major distraction to what matters most.

We like four primary reports. Most CRM tools have a variation of these reports.

1. New leads by source report – Tells you where your business is coming from and also where it’s not coming from! Good snapshot of what your marketing dollars are doing and what your BDC is producing by breaking down your lead mix. Review this report with the management team including the BDC Manager and the Marketing manager if you have one, if not then with your advertising company.

2. Opportunity to do business report – Shows the productivity of your salespeople and the showroom as a whole. Track ups, demos, write-ups, sales, gross,appointments, etc. This is a good report to be passed out and reviewed in sales meetings.

3. Internet ROI report – Tracks the effectiveness and value of your marketing sources. You’ll probably need to program your vendor costs and then be able to review this report with your management team including the BDC manager and the person or agency in charge of your digital marketing budget. Paired up with the New Lead by Source report, you’ll have a really good picture of your business and how to grow it.

4. The BDC performance report or BDC appointment report – keeps track of BDC performance filtered by agent and by campaign. Shows you exactly who is hitting their performance standards and where training is needed. Also highlights the effectiveness of campaigns by showing BDC conversion in a easy to analyze format.

Manage by the numbers. With these reports you cover a 360 degree view of your business. You are measuring your campaigns, your vendors, your salespeople and your BDC. If possible, look at these reports weekly or even daily. Most CRM tools will let you automate these reports and have them sent to your email. This is a good idea because it’s easy to forget to monitor what you can’t see.

There are hundreds of other reports and that’s great. They allow you to drill in to a specific metric. This can be useful when running a process improvement exercise or taking a close look at a skill set or productivity of a particular employee.