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Multi-Channel BDC

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AllCall Multi-Channel BDC



The customers on your website are in transaction mode. Looking at pictures, reading descriptions, calculating payments; customers are in the process of putting their deal together. When customers are ready to ask for your help, they do so across multiple channels like the telephone, text, forms, live chat and even live streaming video.

This creates a dilemma. There they are, on your site, where you worked so hard to get them. But, they are about to go away. What happens in between is your biggest liability. 

What happens when they call? Does the call get answered by an expert in handling inbound ales calls? Does the lead get logged in the CRM with a name, number, email address, appointment time and date, with work notes? It does at AllCall.

What happens when they click? The first and worst thing is they go away. They fill out the form and get a thank you page promising you will contact them as soon as possible. What a process defect that is! Disconnecting at the point they ask you a question. What if they submitted the form and a live agent came on that they can see! A live agent who can share screens, stream live video, share documents, set appointments and even take deposits. An ALlCAll agent can.

What happens when they chat? A live chat operator does a good job. He or she gets their contact info and a description of what the customer wants from you, even a transcript of the conversation. Then the chat operator sends the info to your CRM and hopefully someone reads it and responds quickly with relevant information. At AllCall there is no disconnect. We chat, we set the appointment and we follow up.

What happens when they post? Does a knowledgable person respond with a thank you, or answer a question, or offer a service, or invite them in to the showroom? At Allcall, you get all that and more.

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Here are just some of the features you get with our Multi-Channel Engagement

Live Video Agent


Video chat is the “Internet's” way for people to communicate in-person. Face to face communication helps build trust. Our agent and the customer can decide in real-time to use audio, video, and interaction could be one or two way.




Co-Browsing lets customers and the AllCall agent browse the same website together in real-time. Agents can help customers find information, inventory, shopping tools, or complete a transaction.

Document Share


The Share File app allows the agent to share content such as Office documents, PDFs and images with the customer in real-time to assist in a sales or support process. The content can be marked and saved by each side as a PDF.

Form Completion


The Form Completion application lets the agent and customer complete PDF forms together in real-time, where the agent can assist the customer with completing an order or application form for example. As part of Form Completion app, an electronic signature can also be used.

Screen Sharing


The high-quality WebRTC-based Screen Sharing application is designed to let agents share their screen with a visitor. Agents can choose to share their desktop, a particular window or application so the visitor can see what they do in real-time.




The Translator application lets the agent and customer communicate online, each using their own language. The agent and customer can select their language and automatic translation is carried out between the two.