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Our Secret Sauce

Our Secret Sauce 2019-09-09T15:07:43+00:00

Our secret sauce, without question, is our people! We hire smart people with passion and train them to excel.

Agent certification significantly contributes to our success. Team leaders and agents can be certified in four separate modules:

  • Basic Communication Skills
  • QA and Service
  • Inbound sales
  • Outbound sales

Module one is required for all employees and employees are required to be certified in their core work module. 

Why do agents value certification?  Employees are compensated for certification and further compensated when they get certified in modules out side their core work module. In addition their Team Leader needs 100% agent certification on their team to qualify for bonuses.

Not only do agents have to pass the certification tests with a minimum 90% grade, but they have to maintain a MyBDCCoach rolling 30 day average of 85% or higher to keep their certification. If an agent slips below that minimum standard, they lose their certification and the compensation for at least a month and re-certify when their rolling 30 day average is above 85%.

You see, we practice what we preach! Our internal BDC coach, Rochelle Graves, scores employee interactions, phone calls and lead responses weekly. The results of her coaching are shared with agents immediately and agent results are reviewed with their team leader weekly. 

We use the exact same process as we do with our MyBDCCoach clients.

Our Team Leaders set the tone and make the magic happen. Allcall Team Leaders are extremely hands on and engage agents on a daily basis. Every agent has a clear goal for the day and are knowledgable about the goals and targets we set for our clients. Team Leaders also work leads, take calls and hot TO’s from their agents. Their job description is simply tp help their agents hit their goals.