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Reverse BDC

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Let your leads roll to us when untouched for 30 minutes. We will adopt the lead and make the call helping you connect more often and keep your response time in line.

We can take over on day two or day three or whatever day you need to perform mid term and long term follow up with your unresponsive or unresolved leads.

Live Chat
Set AllCall up as your back up chat operator and never miss another chat because your employees are busy.

Roll your main switchboard, sales or service phones to AllCall. We will answer the call professionally and take care of your customer with a live person!

Let's face it,salespeople are best face to face. Those long-term follow up calls will always be subordinate to customers in the showroom, or the hot prospect they are working with.

However, there is great value in following up showroom and phone up customers until they buy or opt out.

AllCall will follow up for the long haul, pulling aged leads back in to the mix to help you sell more cars.

AllCall also does CSI and survey calls for your showroom and service lanes. Valuable insight is gained by our clients from customer feedback. We use the phone and online surveys to track your process performance, trends and the voice of your customer.