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“The craze over BDC development continues, as dealers across America look to their BDC departments or providers to take a share of the market to meet dealer targets. That’s why BDC has been its own department since the beginning of its time.  

The industry leaders and OEMs assessed the process of sales and service and sought counsel on determining who the right person is for BDC development. Dr. John Mlinarcik, PhD, LMSW, helped the industry in its early stages with the understanding of right brain and left brain, and how by understanding those principles, you can place the right person in the right job. Business Development Centers have seen changes in media mix and technologies over what is now almost two decades of development.  

The panel hosted by Richie Bello, Founder and CTO at ShopSmartAutos, has brought together Dr.  John Mlinarcik and other BDC influencers who deal with BDC every day such as Greg Wells, Stan Sher, and Anthony Alagona. The program will be narrated by David Castillo, Director of Veteran Affairs for Richie Bello Institute of Leadership and Management.  

ShopSmartAuto is now providing support for veterans looking to buy a vehicle from a “Veteran Friendly” dealership that supports our veterans with programs available through OEMs and major players. The non-profit will also train and place veterans into the industry at “Veteran Friendly” dealers at no cost to the dealer. The program looks to support the veterans, while offering this to dealers at no cost when active as a ShopSmartAuto dealer.

Monday’s LIVE BDC panel will cover the pros and cons of virtual versus in house BDC departments. The trend with COVID 19 impacted the use of virtual, and many dealers who went virtual BDC with COVID 19 may keep going in that direction. However, when is it better to keep it under your roof? This panel promises to take you through the paces and help you decide what’s best for you.

Richie Bello’s Presidents Day BDC. Panel will be LIVE Monday February 15th at 1:00pm Eastern. 

Put Your Game Face on for Traditional versus Virtual BDC departments with Richie Bello. ”

– Jeanne Fontana

Be sure to tune in on Monday, February 15th for a well-rounded panel discussion featuring our very own Greg Wells, founder and president of AllCall BDC.

You can access the live panel on ShopSmartAuto’s Facebook page: Click Here