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AllCall’s Secret Sauce:


Our People!

What Makes Our Team Great?

We only hire driven, charasmatic people who are dedicated to success, and train them to excel. Agent retention has been over 80% average during our eight years of operation, which is rarely duplicated in a dealership. As a result, each team of AllCall agents average over three years experience. AllCall agents become an extention of the dealership’s team. They communicate directly with managers, build relationships with salespeople, and work alongside staff in the CRM.

Agent Certification Modules:

Brilliant at the Basics

Inbound Sales and Service

Outbound Sales and Service

Why Do Agents Value Certification?

Employees are compensated for certification, and receive further compensation when they complete certification modules unrelated to their area of expertise. All agents must achieve a 90% or higher on every assessment in order to pass certification, and maintain a rolling 30 day average of 85% or higher on their scored calls in order to maintain certification status. If an agent is scored below 85%, any compensation is ceased until they have re-certified and achieved a passing grade on their scored calls for that month. 

Our Managers Set the Tone and Make the Magic Happen!

AllCall managers are extremely hands-on and engage agents multiple times daily. Every agent has a clear goal for the day, and is knowledgeable about the goals and targets set for clients. Managers also work leads, take calls, monitor progress, and much more. Their job description is simply to help their agents meet personal and administrative goals. 

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