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Training and Consulting

BDC Training

In-House BDC Facilitation

AllCall helps dealers with the set-up, launch and ongoing support of a highly effective in-house BDC using our proven Eight Cylinders of a BDC™ Master Operating Guide.

We believe a highly effective and profitable BDC is made up of eight cylinders working together to deliver a concierge level service to your customers while increasing sales, service, retention and CSI. To achieve this, AllCall training extends beyond the BDC to management, sales, service and all frontline employees. Ensuring everyone knows their role in the BDC process

AllCall’s BDC facilitation will lead and guide you to BDC success. We don’t just tell you what to do; we teach you what we do in our award winning outsource BDC.

From recruiting and staffing to the ongoing guidance and coaching necessary to achieve a profitable BDC. We will be there every step of the way and with 365/24/7 support.

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Check out the Eight Cylinders of a BDC overview to see the areas of focus

and expected results from our BDC Consulting and Training

piston1 Team

An effective and profitable BDC starts with the team cylinder. Top Dead Center

  • We use phone interviews, typing tests, personality tests, video resumes, two person interviewing and a comparison grid to select the best possible employees.

  • Help you design written job descriptions and compensation plans that reward CSI and showroom and service lane traffic generated by the BDC.

  • Determine staffing levels in accordance with the workload, and task generation based on lead volume.

piston1  Experience:

Customers appreciate a quick and easy process that defines “why buy here”:

  • Facilitate the design of a compelling value proposition for your BDC Appointments in both sales and service

  • Train the dealership team to understand and execute their role in BDC Processes. This includes floor salespeople, New and Used sales managers, finance managers, Fixed Operations staff, etc.

  • Set up metrics to measure the effectiveness of your value proposition.

piston1  Culture:

A common thread in successful BDC Dealerships is a culture of excellence and an understanding your Business Development success lies outside the BDC as much as inside the BDC.

  • We interview management team one on one to determine buy-in and advise dealer of opportunities, strengths and weaknesses.

  • We train all front-line employees on excellent guest service skills.

  • We set the highest standards of customer service for your team and put systems in place to monitor and coach employees.

piston1  Campaigns:

Business Development is a process consisting of micro-processes.

  • We assist you in developing a documented BDC appointment process.

  • We help you create a documented process for all inbound sales and service leads (phone, Internet & walk in).

  • We assist you on developing a  documented process for outbound opportunities including showroom traffic, closed RO’s and nurture marketing.

  • All campaigns will be integrated in CRM.

  • Every campaign has prepared call guides with dynamic voicemails, email templates/subject lines/content and video content.

piston1  CRM

Technology should be used to accelerate your business and provide efficient and effective data support.

  • We develop your rules of CRM for all employees

  • We calibrate your CRM to produce the right number of relevant tasks at the right time.

  • We set up your CRM to facilitate a smart customer retention campaign for sales and service.

piston1  Acquisition:

Lead acquisition, lead quality and lead mix are critical to BDC success.

  • We analyze your website and advise you of calls to action, layout and navigation to improve site conversion

  • We help you develop a strategy for a healthy lead mix for your BDC processes.

  • We counsel and advise you of vendors needed or not needed to achieve your BDC goals.

  • We help you create campaigns to mine your data base and to be used as BDC outbound fillers.

piston1  Measure:

What gets focused on gets done.

  • We create measurement systems to measure the effectiveness of vendors, BDC employees and sales and service front-line employees.

  • Establish CRM reports to live by and maintain accuracy of the reports.

  • Monthly performance reports for coaching or training opportunities.

piston1  Improvement

  • Develop a long term training strategy for our BDC and frontline employees.

  • Design an in-house certification process to ensure BDC employees meet performance standards.

  • How to use Daily Focus Points to conduct on the job training and continuous improvement