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About AllCall

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AllCall Multi-Channel Outsource BDC

AllCall Merchants Auto Team

AllCall Multi-Channel BDC is an outsource BDC solution for auto dealers in the US and Canada.. Located in Danville, KY, AllCall serves dealerships in all areas of sales and service business development; Internet lead management, live sales calls, inbound service calls and numerous outbound owner retention campaigns and conquest campaigns.

Founded by Greg Wells in November 2012, AllCall’s Sales BDC opened in Kentucky with 2 employees followed by AllCall’s service BDC which opened in West Des Moines in May of 2014. In 2015, AllCall relocated it’s Danville location to a 5000 square foot facility and brought the Service BDC to Kentucky.

AllCall is a great place to work! Our turnover is less than 5% per year in our first five years. Testimony to the great work environment. We give our employees the training, resources, technology and support they need to succeed.

Because we have low turnover, we consequently have very experienced agents! Several have been here over 5 years and many others have two to four years experience. That level of experience is hard to duplicate in a dealership BDC. AllCall has won the Dealer’s Choice Platinum Award for Outsource BDC 2 years in a row (2017/2018).

We value Communication, Creativity and Chemistry in the workplace.

Our values give our employees the empowerment to display their personality while following our guidelines for interacting with our clients and their customers.

We do what we say we do. AllCall lives by that statement and it makes clarity come easy for our employees.

About our Founder

Greg Wells

Greg spent 23 years working in the Lexington KY market. He started his first BDC in 1993 at Toyota On Nicholasville. In 2000 he moved to the Paul Miller Group as the Blue Oval Champion and other duties including corporate trainer and Business Development Manager. As a member of the leadership team Greg helped the dealership win it’s first Presidents Award since it opened in 1953.

Since leaving Paul Miller Ford in 2009, Greg has spent hundreds of days working in dealerships all over North America training and consulting. He has taught all dealership personnel to use outstanding communication tactics to sell and service more cars.

He has facilitated the launch, growth and improvement of some of the most effective and profitable BDC’s in North America.

Greg’s relaxed speaking style in born from experience topics have made him a favored presenter at many events including Driving Sales Executive Summit, Digital Dealer, GM E-Summit 4.0, DigitalCON, Industry Summit, DealerSocket User Summit, and many 20 Groups and Dealer Groups.

Greg lives in Danville KY with his wife Linda. They have two sons and a granddaughter.

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