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Is Your BDC Manager a Coach or a Cop?

    BDC Agents are not sales people! You BDC agents work in an environment that is vastly different from the sales floor.  Whether it be on desks in the open or in cubicles, the face to face with the customer is almost all together removed.  Not only this, but you have to keep in [...]

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AllCall and VeriShow Partner to Provide Omni-channel Online Engagement

VeriShow a leading developer of real-time communications technology, today announced a partnership agreement with AllCall Multi-Channel Outsource BDC.  As part of the agreement, AllCall will utilize VeriShow’s industry leading real-time communications platform-as-a-service (PaaS), as the digital messaging platform for their agents. This new partnership will create a unique automotive interactive experience and enhance the way virtual agents [...]

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Delivering Exceptional Emails

Every day almost 300 billion emails are sent worldwide. That's a lot of email. With any email we send, we're hoping two things happen. First of all.our email get's past the spam filter and into the recipients inbox. Next we want the email to be read! And finally, we want the customer to take action. [...]

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13 Ways to Make Sure Your BDC Fails!

Maybe it’s because I’m in the BDC business that it seems like a lot of dealerships are trying to get in to the BDC business. If you are one of them this article is for you. With tongue in cheek here are my top thirteen ways to make sure your BDC fails. 13. Try it [...]

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The Three R’s of a Service BDC

In grade school we were taught the three R’s; reading, writing and arithmetic. They represented the basics of education. The three R’s, the basics, of your Service BDC are relationships, retention and return (ROI). Successful service BDC’s get the basics. By building lasting relationships and improving customer retention, your BDC will produce a robust return [...]

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Your BDC Pay Plan

To properly compensate your business development center, you must set expectations for your manager and agents and design a pay plan that will motivate and reward them. The proper pay plan can mean the difference between failure and success for your BDC. If you overpay, the return on investment won’t make sense to you. If [...]

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