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BDC Agents are not sales people!

You BDC agents work in an environment that is vastly different from the sales floor.  Whether it be on desks in the open or in cubicles, the face to face with the customer is almost all together removed.  Not only this, but you have to keep in mind that your agents have different motivations than that of Salespeople at the dealership.  While a salesperson main motivation is to sell a customer on a certain vehicle, this is not so with a BDC agent.  The BDC agents motivation is to simply get the customer in to the show room.  For this reason a BDC Agent will often have a softer touch than the Salesperson, answering questions and guiding the process along, without going for the hard sale.

Be 95% Coach and 5% Cop

A cop Is there when you do something wrong.  He’s there to write a ticket, or dole out whatever the proper corrective measure is.  A Coach is there to guide you along the learning process, and let you know what you are doing right and what things you need to work on.  There is always room for improvement, therefore coaching is constant.  Be a Coach and not a cop.  This does not mean not to correct errors, but learn how to accentuate the positive.  Point out what your agents are doing right when they do a good job.  Keep the atmosphere positive and coach your agents, and they will grow and thrive.

Managing the Work Load

Learning how to manage your workload may be the most crucial factor in the success of your BDC Agents.  Set daily goals for you agents for amount of calls made and appointments set.  These short term goals help track progress and keep your agents motivated.  These goals are something for them to strive for on a daily basis while you work towards your monthly/yearly long term goals.  Keep track of your agents personal bests, and have them strive to better themselves daily.  Reward and recognize them when they meet these goals.  Wether it bee paying for lunch, or a gift card or some other prize for who has the most calls at the end of the week or month. This will keep them motivated and working towards something, while keeping the atmosphere positive.